10x Magnification Makeup Mirror Review

We got the pleasure of reviewing another magnification makeup mirror by Mirror on a Rope.This time, the mirror is 10X magnification.

Magnification Makeup Mirror

This magnification mirror offers a LED light that circles around the mirror. It’s not overly bright, so it will not blind you while you are trying to do close up work. But, that is  not to say it’s not bright enough either because it is.

Mirror on a Rope made a home run with this mirrors base! It’s swivel ball joint  type base that you can easily move in all directions, left to right, and up and down. There is not an angle you will not be able to achieve with this makeup mirror.

The next bonus is the suction cup attachment. This is not one of those lick and stick types. You simply twist the base and the suction cups locks onto the surface, you untwist the base to get the suction to detach.

The mirror size is about 6 inches, you can see the size in the video as I compare it next to a makeup brush to give you a better idea on size. This is the perfect size for hands-free makeup work. You might wonder why anyone would need a magnification mirror, the truth is, you would be shocked at all the imperfections we leave behind when we are leaning into a mirror to do our makeup or when the lighting is inadequate.

This magnification makeup mirror is a must have for anyone who a makeup junkie like myself. Or even someone who just wants to ensure their makeup is perfect. Your face is a canvas so ensure it looks like a masterpiece!

To Purchase:  Magnification Makeup Mirror

Price:  $21.99


Disclaimer: I received this magnification makeup mirror at a discounted priced for review and testing purposes. The links to the product are not affiliate links, therefore I do not make any money off you purchasing this mirror.  My opinions are expressly my own and they are reflected honestly based on my experience.

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