Month: May 2016

LashFactory 3D Fiber Lashes Review #LashFactory

LashFactory 3D Fiber Lashes Review


I am going to start out by saying I have the worst eyelashes ever! They are thin, they are short, and they are ugly. Seriously most men have nicer eyelashes then I do, hell my dog has better eyelashes then I do!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for my unbiased review, I will certainly claim that I will absolutely buy this product the next time around. My video alone speaks volumes of my testimony of this product.

Now with that said, I have been wanting to try 3D Fiber lashes for the longest time, but the price seriously stopped me from doing it for a long time also, I figured it was going to be hard, clumpy or look unnatural.  Boy was I wrong.. And now you get to learn why LashFactory 3D Fiber Lashes will be a staple in my house, move over my old favorite (crappy) mascara, you have been replaced.

With and Without 3D Fiber Lashes
With and Without 3D Fiber Lashes

The ease of apply this product was so simple. You first swipe your puny lashes with transplanting gel, then you apply the fibers and you repeat this process till you’re happy.  You can use an eyelash brush or comb to remove any clumping. It’s honestly that simple! Don’t believe me, fine, I have uploaded a video of how simple this process is.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and the look. I now have a more natural look of thicker and longer lashes.   And just to make it more clear how bad my natural eyelashes are, the video only does one eye with completely no makeup!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone, expect those blessed with long thick beautiful eyelashes, just kidding, I’d even recommend it to you but you obviously don’t need it! (Insert envious longing here).

Interested in Purchasing? Trust Me! You are! Click Here


ReTweet To Win Contests

ReTweet To Win Contests

RT to Win

Who doesn’t love to win contests. While we are gearing up for our next new contest from a great Indie Makeup Company, why not check out some of these easy to enter contests on Twitter. All you need to do to win is to like and retweet these awesome contests.

PlatinumBeautyH is giving away a gorgeous set of mini straighteners

Shout Magazine is giving away a Hoola Benefit Bronzer

Dave Lackie is giving away  Juicy Shaker & Lip Lover

SoleTrader is giving away Chloe sliders

Beauty Collection is giving away an awesome Aquis Hair Towel

Makeup is giving away a gorgeous Gerard Cosmetics liptick in London Fog

Just a little note… If you are following me on twitter, you would have seen these contests a lot earlier then when they are posted on the blog. So head on over and follow me today Stylinat40

Also make sure you tweet our own post so you get a chance to be notified earlier of our up and coming contest ,we will send out a special tweet to you prior to us going live with our contest. How do we do this? Well, we monitor our retweets of certain tweets we post and add you to the list of people we will give a shout out to one hour before our post goes live! It gives you a heads up to know the post is coming and get an early start on our entering contests we host here at Stylin at 40!

Freebie Friday – Check Out the Free Samples

Freebie Friday

Well today is your list of freebies for freebie Friday that are available in the health and beauty area. We found some decent ones and want to make sure we share them with you today.

Freebie Friday

There you have it, today’s list of freebie Friday samples! Have you found any other on the net today you would like to share with us? Leave the link in the comments,  I am sure the other readers would appreciate it.

Also be on the lookout, we have an awesome review coming of a fair priced 3D Fiber lash coming, along with our contest that will be hosted towards the end of the month.

Vloggers You Love to Hate and Hate to Love

Vloggers You love to Hate and Hate to Love



There are a few out there that are obnoxious, crazy, and way our there and you either love them or hate them? We asked not to long ago with some of our email supporters who they loved to hate and who they hate to love and we have compiled a list of Beauty Bloggers from this list. So you tell us who out of these are your favorites! Thes are expressly opinions from readers and those opinions are not affiliated with Stylin at 40. Please note the videos I am using are just randomly chosen with no rhyme or reason.

Coffee Break With Dani, once loved and now deemed a “Mean Girl” I have never followed this Vlog. Check her out and let us know your thoughts!


Grav3yardgirl Love her or hate her, I actually hate to love her, I subscribe to her, I watch her religiously I follow her more for the reviews of makeup and the fact she takes suggestions from her readers. Shes out there and she is obnoxious, but, she is true to herself.


Jeffree Star –  What can you say about a transgender who has better ability to apply makeup then 80% of women. The only thing, you will not see many woman walking into work with full glam makeup. While his looks are beautiful, his tutorial are amazing. Its not a style for everyone, but one thing seemed to be the same, He is well loved.. btw, am I being politically correct here, should I be calling Jeffree a she, if I am suppose to be forgive me, its not my intent to insult.

TheSocialiteLife –  Ugh, where to start, comments have been pretty much the same, Loud, Obnoxious, Profanity, and all over have not been good. I watched one video of hers, could not make it fully through it, so I decided to post that video here. This is not a video you really want to open around children. A beauty blog, and you cant play it around kids.


So there you have it, these are the top 4 Vloggers that where mentioned, here and there others where mentioned but not on the scale of these 4. So what is your opinion, do you love to hate them, or hate to love them?  Or do you have your own Vlogger you secretly love or hate. Drop us a comment and let us know who you love or hate.

Do any of our readers have a Vlog? Would love to see them! Who knows, maybe some day you will be featured. My vlog is just starting out, and I will gladly say I am a better writer then a vlogger, I suck at it, but I love doing reviews and I am probably listed on a ton of hate her vlog lists, with my two lonely barely ever seen vlogs! In fact, someone thumbed down me on one of my videos, which gave me a laugh because it knew it came from the contest we hosted here.  It’s like saying, hey I want to win something from you but I really hate your videos! At least they are honest, I guess! I am just your plain jane average person, you will get true, and honest reviews in a home settings in a very none glam way, because that is just who I am!


So share with us, who is your favorite on youtube and who is your hated!


Content Submissions Have Something To Say?

Content Submissions Have Something To Say?

Content Submission

We welcome content submissions from our readers. Do you have something to say? Maybe you have a funny story to share or a beauty tip, whatever we may accept it.

Here are the tops we do accept:

  • Funny Stories
  • Beauty Tips
  • Fashion
  • Adult Natured (But not Xrated)
  • Are you a vlogger and you want to be showcased, send us a link.

Let’s face it; stylin at 40 is for the people over the 40 and over crowd. Let us hear your voices!! If you would rather turn in a submission anonymously, that’s fine too, just email us at stylinat40 @ just make sure to remove the spaces around the @.

We look forward to getting submissions from our readers. Who know, there may even be a contest in it for you, we love giving our free items here at Stylin at 40, and don’t forget, we will be having our Indie makeup give away soon.

So don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts, because you never know which one we will release it on first to give our supporters a jump start on entering our contests.

If we haven’t mentioned a topic that interests you, don’t give up hope, pitch us an idea. Who knows you may end up being the featured writer of the month. We will be announcing our featured writer program soon, our writers are given a chance to win even more cool prizes.

What is Indie Makeup Update on Next Contest

What is Indie Makeup

Make sure to leave a comment, or tweet us, or comment on our facebook to let us know what colors you want in our next Indie Makeup contest!

Indie Makeup

What is indie makeup, and why have you been kept in the dark about these amazing companies? We all know the difference between high end (Urban Decay, Tarte, etc) vs drug store makeup (Cover Girl, Revlon, etc) but what is Indie makeup and why should I know about it.

Indie makeup is an entirely different world. Usually this makeup or made by small companies, or singular people with a good knowledge for color blending.  They can be made from loose pigments or even lipsticks and pressed shadows.

Why should you by from Indie companys? Well, a lot of times the products are by far superior then even high end makeups, they are not filled with fillers, they are more pure, some are completely vegan and free of cruelty.  Not to mention you are supporting a small business, when you spend your money you know exactly where it’s going to a small company that chances are is feeding a family.

Also, indie companies make really cool unique colors you will not find elsewhere, most will even do custom blending colors for you. They like to stay unique with colors as not to compete with other indie companies or the big box names.

Also, prices, where else can you get custom, unique and quality for low prices!

Don’t be fooled though because there are bad companies out there too, ones that do not care about the products they use, ones who have bad customer service and ones who buy larger containers of other Indie Companies, and then repackage smaller at a higher price.

Our next contest will be featuring an Indie Makeup girl, who use to be in the this field over a decade ago, due to a cross state move she had closed up, and had a baby and now she is back in the grove of things and getting her makeup and skin care line back on the market. You won’t want to miss this contest.

WINNER ANNOUNCED!! And Updated News!

Winner Announced!!!


Did you win our makeup brush and sponge contest? Check here to find out WINNER WINNER WINNER.. .. We havent been able to post much these past few weeks due to our lives getting a bit busy, so to make it up to you, we are going to have a new contest, but we need to know your thoughts. So tell us what you think about Indie Makeup, if you are not sure what that is, Indie means Independent, we are not talking major name brands, but small, or little known makeup companies.

Our next giveaway is going to include some free makeup from an Indie company, we cant disclose who yet, but the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and we absolutely love them!!!

So to tell us what you think, either comment the blog, tweet to us, or leave us a message on our facebook wall under this post!!

And please keep an eye out for our post all about Indie makeup and a few clues about what our next giveaway will be, but remember, to comment or there wont be a giveaway!!! We want to run at least a giveaway a month, so make sure you are following us on all social media accounts, because you never know which one it will be announced to first to give an early advantage too!! Read about our new contest here!!!