Month: July 2016

Ultra Lash New York Biology #LashesForDays

New York Biology Ultra Lash #LashesForDays

If you’re anything like me you might have these puny little eyelashes that are pitiful looking an no matter what you do they still look yucky. For example, mascara for it to have any effect it needs to be thick and then I look like Tammy Fay Baker got into a fight with a mascara wand. I have tried fiber lashes and I do love them, but I would like not to have to put them on every day and still look fabulous. That’s where Ultra Lash is going to help you.

So onto, New York Biology Ultra Lash, this is a thickening an growth like serum. I can say after a week my eyelashes darkened, and I am seeing some new growth, I decided to try half my eyelid to see if there would be actually results. I am including the picture so you can see the difference on the bottom alone, yeah the directions may not say to put them on the bottom and I did that at my own risk, but hey look at those results.

Ultra Lash

I am impressed, you should be too! Anyways, the little container of Ultra Lash runs about $21 and you can purchase your own at Ultra Lash on Amazon.

Now, you learned what I liked, now what I dont like is it makes your eyelids sticky at first then drys and feels like its cracking. My way around this is to put it on before bed and call it a day. Sometimes my eyes will be a little crusty in the morning but the truth is, its worth it if it keeps on working.

I received this product for free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Awesome Sleep Bra #Mamaway

Mamaway Infrared Sleeping Bra


Okay, I am not nursing, but I needed a great sleep bra that would not bother me when sleeping. This design is perfect, and also a very common design in regular bras and not just nursing bras.

I wanted a non-wired sleep bra that would be comfortable and not feel as if I was wearing a bra to bed. When you have bigger boobs the last thing you want to do is deal with no support even when you’re sleeping/

Now, the bonus is the “Far Infrared” nano fibers, they help boost blood circulation and this is not just a positive for nursing moms but also us non nursing moms because the truth is increased blood flow does help your breasts grow, so if you want bigger boobs this might be a bonus for you.

Increased blood flows can even keep your boobs healthier and prevent sagging, so win win situation in my book.

I was really impressed with this sleep bra is the wider bands on the arm as this band aids in comfort at night and the band doesn’t even feel as if it’s there. This is a HUGE bonus when you’re supporting 36DDs in the middle of the night.

I did receive this bra for free for testing and review purposes. My opinion is strictly my own and I would suggest this bra to woman like me, who want added support during the night, but also want to ensure they are comfortable.

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Price: 34.99 with free prime shipping