Month: April 2017

Lulu Essentials Loofah Sponge Review #GotitFree

Lulu Essentials Loofah Sponge Review

This review is for Lulu Essentials Loofah Sponges, I am going to start out saying I am spoiled and buy mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are like $15 dollars for 3.  I was very disappointed in my last set as they fell apart, so when given a chance to review a new brand off bath loofa sponges I jumped all over it, we also call these things bath poofs, I am not sure what you all call them.

These poofs are nice and soft, they are larger and very thick! Just what I want in a poof! A very little bit of soap goes a long way with these poofs, when I am feeling cheeky I like to use more soap! Okay, back to these loofah sponges they are amazing! There is not a low of words you can put into describing a bath poof though, and I can draw it out telling you over and over they are super soft (they are) and nice and thick (they are), the only thing I would change is the handle, needs to be a tad bit longer! I like to hang them from the handles in the shower and these barely fit over them.

But seriously look how big this poof is, I am not squeezing my hand around it, its resting around it! So now that you know I have the best loofah sponges known to man I bet your wondering where you can get these bad boys for yourself, say no more, I got you… Purchase Link

HOTOUCH Women’s Bikini 2 Piece Racerback Review #HOTOUCH

HOTOUCH Women’s Bikini 2 Piece Racerback Review

Wow, this is one sexy bikini and has excellent support for larger chest woman! If you are looking for a sexy bikini HoTouch hits the mark with this one.

The top features a very soft mesh material along with a solid bottom for modesty. The bikini bottoms tie on each side, these ties are not stitched together so you can untie them and tie them for a perfect custom fit. The size ordered is an XXL, as you notice the top part had to be pinned back slightly in this size on a 12/14, so I would definitely wish I had gone with the XL over the XXL, the fit would have been perfect.

The material is serged and straight stitched and made very well. The material is durable and stretchable and holds its shape most importantly in water. I have no concerns about the quality or workmanship of this bikini. I would purchase it again and rate this a 10 out of 10 on both attractiveness and quality.  So far I am very pleased with the company HOTOUCH and the items I have received from this company to review.

They have slightly molded cups in the bikini top, that offers a nice hold, without adding a size along with being thick enough for modesty during cold water swims. The racer back style top also offers a lot of support, the straps are not adjustable but I found the fit to be perfect.

The material this bikini is made of is 85% polyamide and 15% polyester. The feel is very soft and comfortable on the skin. None of the stitching is itchy either even the threads used are soft and you won’t feel pinching.




Tankini from HoTouch Review #HOTOUCH

Tankini from HoTouch Review

Enjoy this review for the HOTOUCH Tankini suit. Ordering online is always tricky, but, by reviews, it can help you remove some of the questions you might have when it comes to certain brands, especially when your ordering items with different sizing outside of the normal US sizing.

Today’s review is of a simplistic Tankini made by HoTouch.

I ordered an XL and wear a 12/14 in real life.

I found this suit to fit nicely, the straps are adjustable and if you have bigger boobs you know exactly how helpful this can be.

This tankini has serger seems, which means much more durability.

Along with slightly molded cups, so if you are already big breasted you don’t have to worry about this suit increasing your size. If you’re on the smaller side and looking for that, this is probably not the best option.

I would definitely say size up if you are ordering this suit though. It looks great on and the top is very flattering if you are trying to hide a belly.

The material is 85% polyamide and 15% polyester. There is some stretch to the material, but it holds its shape very well, even when wet.

All in all, I would rate this suit a 10 out of 10, for quality and attractiveness.


Chinese Clothing Yay or Nay?

Chinese Clothing Yay or Nay?

Chinese Clothing

You have probably seen many of the posts on what I expected and what I got when it comes to Chinese clothing, the truth is though there are very many Chinese sellers that have superb clothing.  How do I know this? I have been given the chance many times to review clothing. I have also researched through reviews on various sites and other bloggers like myself.

I have been able to clothe myself, my teenage daughter and my granddaughter (my adult daughter is on her own lol) for very reduced prices if not free. I have gotten some flops not going to lie, but mostly everything I get is absolutely gorgeous.

I have decided over the next few weeks I will be sharing some outfits I have gotten and the quality of these items to help break down some of the clothing shops online that offer some of the best items and some of the not so best. This will help others be more informed when trying to save money but still own stylish nice clothing.

The Skinny… pun intended.

A lot of Chinese clothing makes the basic slightly plump American feel like a fat ass though due to their sizing, but honestly, I cut the tags out and call it a day. Their large is like an XXL or XXXL, so plus size girls don’t let their sizing make you turn away, cut the tag! Lol

I hope my readers enjoy the posts over the next few weeks and it is enlightening to those who have been pondering if they should buy or not.

So tell me in the comments.. do you have a good or bad experience… Chinese clothing, Yay or Nay?