Unusual Ways To Make Money Quickly

We have brought together a list of unusual ways to make money quickly. Regardless why you may be short on cash, these ways will increase your earnings quickly to help you catch up.


Your body, No we don’t mean prostitution!

You can donate plasma, usually plasma center have deals going for first-time donors and you can cash in anywhere from $35 to $65 depending on your location. Also, you can earn money if you refer and bring along your friends.

There are also sites dedicated to selling your hair. You can make some bank if you have virgin undyed hair in longer lengths. I have seen the prices go anywhere from $400 to well into the thousands! Check out buy and sell hair and see for yourself.

You can also try what one woman did and offered up her excessive breast milk. While, I am not sure if a mom would want to buy breast milk, being untested and from a total stranger, but, hey there was once a thing as wet nurses and in some cultures, there are still wet nurses, so to each their own.

Part Time Cash Jobs

There are various part time cash jobs you can rush out and do. Lawn care, shoveling snow, babysitting, pet walker, pet sitter, garbage removal. You name it, there are plenty of jobs you can advertise for or even go door to door, well maybe not door to door if you are an adult you might end up with the police questioning as people tend to get creeped out by strangers in their neighborhoods.

Strip the house

Time to search the couch cushions, My daughter once wanted to go to the movies. I told her to earn the cash by chores, she cleaned the couch and believe or not, she found enough to buy that movie ticket!

Sell, it Baby, Sell it.

List all your unwanted stuff for sale on social media groups, craigslist or any other local advertising places you can. I have a policy in my house, if we haven’t touched it in 6 months it has to go! You can even put together a yard sale if the weather is bad then do a garage sale.

Scrap Metal

Offer to pick up people’s unwanted metal, then head on over to the scrap yard. You would be shocked how much scrap metal you have sitting around your own home. We once got $35 for an old stove that didn’t work. I wanted it gone, the $35 was a bonus!

Got a Hobby?

Turn it into cash, can you crochet, knit, maybe make some custom jewelry, who knows what your talents are, but you can easily turn them into some quick cash.

Digital Means

We wrote a post on some quick way to make some extra cash, you can read it here.

Medical Research

There are many universities that are willing to pay you to grow a tail! Just kidding, but seriously they do medical research on just about anything. You can find many of these by just a simple search engine search. While this might not be extremely quick, some of these pay out very well. Search for paid clinical trials or medical research paid.

Have Extra Space?

Rent a room in your house, make sure you do background checks first! You can put all the terms in advance, for example, common areas, what you’re willing to share, and how much.

Cash out

If you have life insurance you have been paying on for a long time, you can always cash it out if you’re desperate.  Ask yourself first, if you cash this out and something happens to you tomorrow will your family suffer without that extra money, prior to cash out. If you’re a selfish bastard, then, by all means, go blow it! Lol

Need Temporary Money Quick?

Try a pawn shop, if you have something worth value that you know you either no longer want or need or something you know you can get out of pawn on your next paycheck.

Males.. Only..

You can always sell your swimmers…  Donation rates vary by location and certain terms. You will have to call around and get the best rate for your sperm. You could actually donate every five days and bank the money and see what you have by retirement!

Women.. Only..

It would take about 9 months to cash out on this deal, but, you could always become a surrogate mother. There are many places that pay anywhere between 10 to 20 grand to borrow your womb for the next 9 months.

Roadside Sales

Can you get your hands on a ton of discount flowers, even water has been known to sell well off the side of the roadside, if you live in a high traffic area you are sitting on a gold mind.

Last but not least… Let your sign fly!

That’s right, come up with a cute little saying and go find yourself a nice curb and panhandle. The wittier the sign the higher the payout. I have seen people post that have earned a couple hundred dollars flying signs. Just make sure to check your local laws, bail may be more expensive than the debt your trying to pay off.

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