Acne after 18 – Adult Acne

Adult Acne

Why is this possible? Is it life’s little way of reminding us that we can still go through a gangly stage way past pubescent years? This curse of adult acne!

So what exactly is adult acne and why is it legal, when we can also be starting the aging process of wrinkles!

Hormones, believe it or not, can be a major reason behind adult acne. Our menstrual periods can cause so much havoc on our bodies, but maybe we can blame men here! Sounds like a plan right? Androgens, which are male hormones such as testosterone, can cause some very painful acne known as cystic acne.

Pore clogging pollutions every head outside and come in and wipe your face down and it’s grimy and dirty. Just simply wipe off your face when returning from outside to keep your pure clean from the outdoor pollutions.

Stress, Stress, Stress is a major factor that can cause your adrenal gland to kick into hyperdrive which causes cortisol to be released and guess what follows testosterone. So again, what about blaming men?

You have heard about testosterone twice now so you might be wondering why it causes us to break out, well it’s fairly simple, this little male hormone causes our oil glands to pretty much produce more oil.

Also, common issues can be as easy as washing your skin too much or too vigorously. Or you could simply be using the wrong products on your face. Make sure you’re using items that don’t clog your pores. Look for labels that state non-comedogenic, water based and oil free.

And lastly, watch what you eat. Sugars can raise insulin which causes those male hormones to kick in again.  And of course the normal’s fried foods, caffeine, chocolate and believe it foods that are high iodine such as shell foods.

Adult Acne Fixes

If you are unsure what causes your adult acne issues slowly start cutting things out of your diet or change the products you use.  Only make one change at a time so you can narrow down your acne causing problem.


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