Bioaqua Activated Charcoal Face Mask Review

Bioaqua activated charcoal face mask was something I had been wanting to try. In fact, I was almost ready to gear up the camera and record the removal for laughs. What I found out was this stuff didn’t hurt to remove at all, but it worked beautifully. I don’t have what you would call acne prone skin at all either. I also don’t have visible white or blackheads.

So you might be wondering why I even got this, the truth is I wanted to see what all the hype was, does this thing hurt like everyone says it does, does it pull out what we can’t see, etc.

The truth is, I was sort of grossed out by what this removes from your pores that you can’t even see. I don’t even have big pores at all. I had put the mask on and waited before taking a pic, if you plan to make a blog post about a mask, put it on and then take the pic, do not wait until it’s mostly dry because then it ends up looking like a mug shot because you can’t smile.

Look at this nastiness!! Seriously that’s gross and what is stuck in your pores. So even if you feel you don’t need it, trust me you need it! My face felt cleaner and soft when after use! Yes, you can click the picture, blow it up and see the nastiness close up for those of you that are into grossing yourselves out. Needless to say, our bodies are kind of gross and dirty even though we think they are clean.

So if you are looking for a good charcoal mask that doesn’t feel as if it’s removing the first two layers of skin, this is the one you want. The best part is, it’s not overly expensive at all.

What kills me is the bad reviews on Amazon, Some saying it hurts. Maybe super sensitive skin, another saying it removed nothing, another saying nonexistent English directions. Its a mask, smear it on your face avoid your hair including eyebrows, let it dry completely then peel it off. It’s not rocket science.

My only complaint is since its shipping by the company itself, it takes a while. The proof, however, is in my picture above to show you what it removes and I will gladly make a video if I have to prove how this mask does remove the nastiness.

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