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What is Indie Makeup Update on Next Contest

What is Indie Makeup

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Indie Makeup

What is indie makeup, and why have you been kept in the dark about these amazing companies? We all know the difference between high end (Urban Decay, Tarte, etc) vs drug store makeup (Cover Girl, Revlon, etc) but what is Indie makeup and why should I know about it.

Indie makeup is an entirely different world. Usually this makeup or made by small companies, or singular people with a good knowledge for color blending.  They can be made from loose pigments or even lipsticks and pressed shadows.

Why should you by from Indie companys? Well, a lot of times the products are by far superior then even high end makeups, they are not filled with fillers, they are more pure, some are completely vegan and free of cruelty.  Not to mention you are supporting a small business, when you spend your money you know exactly where it’s going to a small company that chances are is feeding a family.

Also, indie companies make really cool unique colors you will not find elsewhere, most will even do custom blending colors for you. They like to stay unique with colors as not to compete with other indie companies or the big box names.

Also, prices, where else can you get custom, unique and quality for low prices!

Don’t be fooled though because there are bad companies out there too, ones that do not care about the products they use, ones who have bad customer service and ones who buy larger containers of other Indie Companies, and then repackage smaller at a higher price.

Our next contest will be featuring an Indie Makeup girl, who use to be in the this field over a decade ago, due to a cross state move she had closed up, and had a baby and now she is back in the grove of things and getting her makeup and skin care line back on the market. You won’t want to miss this contest.

Free Beauty Classes – Sephora

Free Beauty Classes

Have you ever wanted to know how certain makeup techniques are done? Sephora offers free beauty classes so you can learn how to do some of the hottest current looks. Or maybe you you are struggling with getting your foundation to look flawless or your eyebrows perfect.

Right now Sephora is offering classes such as:

  • No-Makeup Makeup
  • Contour & Highlight
  • Brow Shaping
  • Perfectly Paired Lips & Cheeks
  • Flawless Foundation with Color IQ
  • Daytime Smokey Eyes
  • Skincare Solutions with Skincare iQ
  • False Lashes
  • Nighttime Smokey Eye
  • Correct & Conceal
  • Essential Eyeliner

Locate a class location at a store near you by visiting: Sephora you can even register for classes online. Don’t forget you have to register by either being a Beauty Insider (Free to Sign up) online, or calling a head of time.  You must be a beauty insider to attend Sephoras free classes, but you can walk in at anytime and get a free mini makeover.

Sign up for Beauty Insider

View Classes and Find Locations

Make sure to reserve your spot for classes as they are limited. Also keep in mind most of their beauty classes, not only teach you how to properly apply your makeup, or showcase a new product but you also get free gifts for attending.