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Review Groups – Free or Highly Reduced Products

Review Groups – Free or Highly Reduced Products

Review Groups, Product Reviews

Recently we talked about free or reduced products on a preview post listing some review websites, which you can read here: Review Websites: Free Products or Highly Discounted. Today we will discuss facebook groups that still run that offer reduced products or free products still for reviews. This includes even social media reviews if you don’t have a blog, you can share on twitter or facebook.


  1. Product Reviews United
  2. Amazon FBA Deals and Reviews
  3. Amazon Social Media Reviews
  4. Amazon Review Group / Money Off
  5. Amazon Deals and Reviews
  6. Amazon Reviewers Group/Club
  7. Amazon Reviews –Deals and Groupon
  8. Amazon Review Club/Group Top Reviewers
  9. VP Review
  10. Amazon Review Group
  11. Amazon VIP Review Club
  12. Amazon Review Deals Group
  13. Top Amazon Review Club
  14. USA Amazon Review
  15. Amazon Product Reviews and Order
  16. USA Amazon Review (Discount or Free Product)
  17. Amazon Review in US
  18. Amazon Review Discount Deal Coupon Giveaway
  19. Amazon Review, Deals, Couponing, Discount, Slickdeals, Deals
  20. Amazon Honest Review Group – Discount, Flash, Deals, Promotion
  21. Product Review Club (Amazon and other sites)
  22. Amazon Review, Deals, Discounts
  23. Reviews Group – Amazon FBA Deals and Reviews
  24. Top Amazon Review Club
  25. Best Amazon Reviews Group
  26. Amazon Review Group
  27. Giveaway & Amazon Review Discount Deals & Coupon Codes
  28. US Review for Camtoa
  29. Amazon Review
  30. Amazon Review Giveaways Coupon
  31. Justitsu Amazon Review Promotion Group
  32. Amazon Product Review
  33. ODEMA Review
  34. Amazon Review Club
  35. Amazon Products Honest Review Group
  36. Boostester, Review, Freebies, Giveaway, Free Product, Boost
  37. Amazon Review (US ONLY)
  38. Amazon FBA Review
  39. Honest USA Amazon FBA Review
  40. Amazon Deals and Review (US)
  41. Amazon Review Share Group
  42. Review Stars
  43. Amazon Review & Giveaways & Flash Sale & Deals
  44. Amazon Reviews Club
  45. Amazon FBA Reviews
  46. Amz Products Review – USA
  47. Amazon Review and Discount
  48. Authentic Product Reviews
  49. Amazon – Discounts, Offers, Promotions
  50. US Amazon Review


Some of these groups may have the same names, but they are all different groups! There are tons out there, and once you join some group, eventually you will be lead to more secret groups.


Review Websites – Free Products or Highly Discounted

Review Websites – Free Products or Highly Discounted

Many of my followers do reviews we miss our free products or highly discounted products, but as we all already know Amazon has made some changes and all but killed product reviews. Unless you have a big following on your social media and an established blog its harder and harder to get those great deals we all become so use to.
But let’s face it, shady reviewers are what killed Amazon reviews and our free products. There are tons of whispers, finger pointing etc. But the truth is, Reviewers did this to themselves.  But there is still hope, there is still websites that will permit you to still get some highly discounted and even free items. But, pay attention because some sellers really jacked up those “highly discounted prices” I saw a watermelon slicer for $17. Seriously? Those can be found in many dollar stores for $1.


So here is a brief listing of sites that still have products up for reviewing purposes, they do not request you review on Amazon, however, some sellers are shady and will ask you to, knowing they are jeopardizing their sellers account.



Pro’s:  If you want it, it’s yours to claim. There is no waiting for a seller to approve you.  Once you claim a product you are given the code right there to buy it at the stated price.

Con’s:  There is just not a lot on this site, seems to be a lot of the same stuff and prices tend to be a bit higher.



Pro’s:  tons of items to choose from.

Con’s: You have to wait for a seller to choose you, a lot of times the codes are bad and when you contact the seller they never respond. So you can waste a lot of time on this site. Not to mention their customer service lacks greatly.


Product Elf

Pro’s: They have items some sites don’t have. SOME codes are instantly revealed.

Con’s: While some codes will show up instantly, others are a wait and see like many sites.



Pro’s: A lot of products at decent prices

Con’s:  Have to wait for the seller to send codes if you are selected.



Pro’s:  Lot’s of products to choose from.

Con’s: I am not really sure what’s going on with this site lately, you might have better luck then I do. I use to get a lot of approvals on this site, but lately, it seems there has been none. But, each person is different so don’t discredit it fully.


Do you know of other sites? I know there are a lot out there. Drop us a comment and leave other sites you know, including facebook groups, which we will be making another blog post on soon!

A Smile Around Depression

A Smile Around Depression

Today is a bittersweet day of depression hidden behind a smile! It’s my 1 year anniversary to a wonderful, loving, giving man. How can today of all days create the depression? It’s easy, One year ago today I married the man of my dreams earlier than we had planned (summer wedding planned) because my father jokingly said he wanted to be there to walk me down the isle. You see my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was on borrowed time, timeI wouldn’t come to terms with and figured he tons of time, because my dad was a bull headed son of a bitch, and I always told him he couldn’t die because the devil hadn’t lifted his restraining order.

Somehow I convinced myself he had time, he would be cured, it couldn’t be as bad as they said. I lost my dad that February. Let’s rewind, though, the wedding day, he was late because he couldn’t find the place, he walked me down the isle, we had our father-daughter dance. He got the groom drunk in the kitchen, and I spent my wedding dinner with my new son in law and best friend (Both who I adore). All these things created happy memories! You might think spending my wedding dinner without my husband would anger me, but it was the complete opposite. This wedding was for my dad, 3 days before his 70th birthday.

I cried through my father-daughter dance, most the pictures people took had me bawling like a baby. I still haven’t changed my facebook picture from him and I. It was always my husband and I, to this day I still can’t change it. At the time I was thinking, how will you feel when you think back on your wedding, all I thought of when we put together a wedding in 3 weeks time and under a $500 budget that I would look back on happy memories and hurt so much inside.

So while I am planning the perfect dinner for my husband, his favorite items. I am sitting here lost in my emotions and memories. The holidays are coming, the first one without him, his first birthday without him is also coming…  How can happy times hurt so much? Did I mention, I truly have a wonderful husband who has spent his days dedicated to making me happy?


Raising Faith

Raising Faith

So I am one of those grandmothers with custody of their grandchildren. Save your judgemental comments, no one cares here! This little girl lights up every aspect of my life, so I raise her right along with her just became a teenage aunt (No she is not the mother), the parent’s are very much adult age.

Life is not easy when you are raising your own children, but when you throw a grandchild (Raising Faith) into the mix it gets even harder, but truth is we handle it well.

This little girl is full of life and wonderment. We currently enrolled her into dance, she is clueless, but she gets up on stage and taps those little tap shoes doesn’t matter if she is doing what the other kids are doing that’s my grandbaby out there having fun.

It never fails, there is always one kid in the bunch dancing to their own beat, yep, this year I am the one owning that little off dance, the one I hear the mumbles from the “parents” saying look how cute she is, she has no clue what she is doing. Granted she is one of the youngest at 3, but in her own time, she will be dancing away and actually doing the routine the way it meant to be.

But for the time being, she is stealing the show, because all eyes are on the child who is twirling in the background and not doing what the other children are. That’s my grandbaby stealing the show.

Tonight is the big show, and it means a lot to us to know that we will present her with her first little bouquet of flowers, Hopefully, she doesn’t try and eat the flowers. Maybe I better start googling safe to eat flowers.

Screw it, maybe I should just get her one of those edible arrangements. “Here sweetie, congrats, now eat your pineapple rose”

You never know what to expect life to hand you, but right now as chaotic as life is, I know we wouldn’t change it..Raising Faith

LinkFromBlog Review

LinkFromBlog Review

Learn about LinkFromBlog, and see if it suits your needs as a blogger as a way to earn some extra money, through your blog.

I started blogging as a way to express who I am, my views , and things I enjoy. But, I never thought of blogging as a way to embrace other women with a lifestyle like mine. Or to even turn this blog eventually into a way to earn money.

Blog advertising

We give opinions about different products, we interact with our readers but we can get paid for this? For doing something we enjoy?  I am good with that, and I am sure my blogging readers are too. What’s even nicer is you can use this service on free hosted blogs such as blogger and There are not many options out there for free hosted blogs, but this is one of them.

Linkfromblog is a marketplace where you can earn money with advertising for other products, blogs, or websites. There are many options or ways to earn money. You can select what you want so it fits in with the style of your blog.

You can also be invited to review products and services through advertisers. So if you are a blogger like I am, please feel freet o sign up with LinkFromBlog today.

Why not turn your passions into something a bit more, at least let your blog ay for itself if you are a self-hosted blog, if you’re a free blog then it’s a way to make a little extra cash on the side maybe to help pay for you to become a self-hosted blog. Regardless your reasonings for signing up, we have found LinkFromBlog to be easy to use platform that we are sure won’t disappoint you.

If you have experience with LinkFromBlog, let  us know by dropping us a comment today!

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