Chinese Clothing Yay or Nay?

Chinese Clothing

You have probably seen many of the posts on what I expected and what I got when it comes to Chinese clothing, the truth is though there are very many Chinese sellers that have superb clothing.  How do I know this? I have been given the chance many times to review clothing. I have also researched through reviews on various sites and other bloggers like myself.

I have been able to clothe myself, my teenage daughter and my granddaughter (my adult daughter is on her own lol) for very reduced prices if not free. I have gotten some flops not going to lie, but mostly everything I get is absolutely gorgeous.

I have decided over the next few weeks I will be sharing some outfits I have gotten and the quality of these items to help break down some of the clothing shops online that offer some of the best items and some of the not so best. This will help others be more informed when trying to save money but still own stylish nice clothing.

The Skinny… pun intended.

A lot of Chinese clothing makes the basic slightly plump American feel like a fat ass though due to their sizing, but honestly, I cut the tags out and call it a day. Their large is like an XXL or XXXL, so plus size girls don’t let their sizing make you turn away, cut the tag! Lol

I hope my readers enjoy the posts over the next few weeks and it is enlightening to those who have been pondering if they should buy or not.

So tell me in the comments.. do you have a good or bad experience… Chinese clothing, Yay or Nay?

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