DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas Review


When I was offered to review this DemocraTea I jumped on it, because let’s face it this is probably the weirdest election we have seen in a very long time. This is NOT a political post at all I am going to only showcase these teas without letting my political choices known.

Let’s start with the tea as a whole. They are 100% organic and they are absolutely delicious!

Donald TEARump For President:  #MakeTeaGreatAgain  comes in this delicious pure white tea with peach.  What impressed me is that I typically hate fruit flavored tea because it carries a nasty aftertaste. There is nothing but a true to eating a peach taste. I truly loved the way this tea tastes. Made with white tea and organic flavor.

Hillary ClinTEAn for President: #ImWithTea comes in this delicious vanilla essence flavor, made with black tea, carob, natural flavor and stevia. Again, I am not a fan of vanilla tea and this was another hit. There is no artificial flavors or nasty aftertastes.

While this DemocraTEA is very collectible and funny, the fact is they are truly a flavor punching delicious tea. They are 100% organic and certified by OTCO, they are also Kosher! You could not ask for a better flavor in tea, I was truly impressed.


What came as a surprise, is I made about 6 ounces of each of them to test out side by side. When I was done with my test, I dumped them together and called it a night. This tea together rock! They are good on their own but they are even more amazing together.

If you are looking for quality teas that are sure to bring some chuckles and heaTEAd debates jump on these teas today!

To order DemocraTEA head on over to The Tea Book

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At the time of this review, the price is $7.00 for 20 tea bags

Check out their website and cast your vote at

Disclaimer:  I received this product at a discounted price for testing and review. I was not compensated outside of receiving the tea bags for free. My opinions expressed on this blog are 100% mine. If I am not impressed with a product, you will know the truth about it. The links on this blog post are not affiliate links and you choose to buy this product I would not be compensated in any way.

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