How to Earn $20 a day from Instagc

Learn how to make $20 a day via InstaGC!

What is InstaGC?

InstagGC is a rewards website, that offers you “coins” for completing tasks. These coins can then be exchanged for gift cards or cash.

Each time you complete a task you are rewarded with these coins.


Completing tasks:

There are various types of tasks you can do on InstaGC. I will try to break each one down to make them simple to understand.

Watching videos– this is as simple as watching videos until your account is credited.

Completing Surveys – You must follow the directions. I will include some screenshots and explain this better further down the line.

Making calls – This is as simple as making a phone call to confirm the information they want, filling out a form and getting credit.

Shopping – You earn cash back when you shop through InstaGC.

Free Trials – There can be some various generous payouts on Free Trial, you may or may not have to pay to ship, but usually you get all your money back and then some when you consider the payout on InstaGC. Just make sure you cancel before you are charged if it’s an item you are not interested in after receiving your free trial.

Search the Web – Complete simple searches through their search engine and earn coins.

Apps – Download apps onto your phone, play them for a minimum of 3 minutes to receive credit.

How do I make Quick Money:

Crowdflower – Make sure you sign up for this section, you can find it under TASKS. These are simple, and an easy easy way to make coins!!! –  These pay out high, and are often not trial offers, so I use this section a lot! They have 5-minute surveys that pay out well for 5 minutes.

Downloading Apps – I use my laptop for the surveys, but I also sign in on my phone and download a ton of apps. It’s up to you if you want to keep these apps are not after you earn credit.


Do offers, and clean your cookies/Cache a lot! Unsure how to do this, just go to google and use search terms like “How to clean cookies  iphone” “How to clean cookies android” “How to clean cookies (Whatever browser you are using)”

Surveys:  You are not always going to get approved for them, it’s hit and miss, but the hiring paying ones are worth sticking too and keep trying.

Ticker:  USE THIS! You see what other people are getting approved so click on them! This only works if you are using desktop view on a phone or tablet, or using a computer.



Sign up Today:  InstaGC

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