Hotel Experience of a Lifetime

Have you ever just knew you needed to get a way but needed to do it on a budget because well you like having a roof over your head, food in your stomach and the lights on. Not to mention you have to keep yourself in high end makeup?

Hotel Experience

Well it all started with the need to get away and take the 12 year old on an overnight fun getaway, so what better thing to do but to get some tickets to Cedar Point, and if you know anything about that its expensive there. There really is no such thing as a small budget there, unless you enjoy eating sandwiches out of the back of your SUV. Yes, I have no shame, this is what we did to offset one of the cost of the meals there. I mean ONE hot dog and a handful of fries is 14.50 after all. We had already purchased the drink all day cups at 10.99 each.

The Hotel Experience

So we decided to get a hotel room using we read the reviews, and they seemed to be really good. We knew it was a cheaper motel, but we figured oh well, we will be there 8 hours as long as it’s clean and decent we don’t need all the modern amenities, we are not looking to swim there.

These are the pictures you do not see on the website.. I have included a video, I will add pictures since the video makes it look a lot nicer then what it is.



Bedding was clean


Key never worked, and manager disappeared so we couldn’t get into the room. We checked in and went to eat, came back to a mess. Had to call to call the managers “cell phone” to address the problem., The manger had the nerve to say the key worked (he used his master key) when my husband said now try this one and it didn’t work he moved us to a new room.

Hotel Experience

During the 30 minute wait for to deal with our key incident we are pretty sure we watched a drug deal go down, watch a hooker bring in a client and we know for fact we watched a sketchy dude roll a joint.
While waiting be also observed a shady looking mommy and her naked besides a diaper kids running all over the parking lot at 11pm at night.

Once we got safely in, we set the alarm for the ass crack of dawn and got the hell out of there. Unfortunately we couldn’t find another room in the area due to everything being booked. So this has been the lovely extent of my overnight getaway! It was more of an overnight ghettoway!

So this was our Hotel Experience of a Lifetime, do you have one to share?

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