Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil by New York Biology

Well here it is, another high-quality essential oil by New York Biology, Kashmir Lavender essential oil is truly a hit.

Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil
Many people don’t realize it but there are a couple varieties of lavender essential oil. So when purchasing they either don’t pay attention if they are unfamiliar with essential oils, or they don’t read. Not sure which one, but, Kashmir is a lighter lavender  fragrance with a slightly sweet undertone.

Kashmir lavender oil is a popular essential oil for those that want a slightly toned down lavender. Now onto this lavender essential oil.

It has passed all the test, fragrance, sight and blotter. I absolutely love this company and their essential oils. I know its hard for some people to accept a review when they know they have gotten something discounted or free to review, but, the truth is we use a lot of essential oils and there are some that are just crap quality. Because I use essential oils in my cleaners, beauty products, and medicinal products, quality means everything to me and this is a high-quality top notch essential oil.

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If you’re interested in purchasing:  New York Biology Lavender Essential Oil

Price:  $10.50  for a 1 Ounce bottle with dropper top


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