LashFactory 3D Fiber Lashes Review


I am going to start out by saying I have the worst eyelashes ever! They are thin, they are short, and they are ugly. Seriously most men have nicer eyelashes then I do, hell my dog has better eyelashes then I do!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for my unbiased review, I will certainly claim that I will absolutely buy this product the next time around. My video alone speaks volumes of my testimony of this product.

Now with that said, I have been wanting to try 3D Fiber lashes for the longest time, but the price seriously stopped me from doing it for a long time also, I figured it was going to be hard, clumpy or look unnatural.  Boy was I wrong.. And now you get to learn why LashFactory 3D Fiber Lashes will be a staple in my house, move over my old favorite (crappy) mascara, you have been replaced.

With and Without 3D Fiber Lashes
With and Without 3D Fiber Lashes

The ease of apply this product was so simple. You first swipe your puny lashes with transplanting gel, then you apply the fibers and you repeat this process till you’re happy.  You can use an eyelash brush or comb to remove any clumping. It’s honestly that simple! Don’t believe me, fine, I have uploaded a video of how simple this process is.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and the look. I now have a more natural look of thicker and longer lashes.   And just to make it more clear how bad my natural eyelashes are, the video only does one eye with completely no makeup!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone, expect those blessed with long thick beautiful eyelashes, just kidding, I’d even recommend it to you but you obviously don’t need it! (Insert envious longing here).

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