Lulu Essentials Loofah Sponge Review

This review is for Lulu Essentials Loofah Sponges, I am going to start out saying I am spoiled and buy mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are like $15 dollars for 3.  I was very disappointed in my last set as they fell apart, so when given a chance to review a new brand off bath loofa sponges I jumped all over it, we also call these things bath poofs, I am not sure what you all call them.

These poofs are nice and soft, they are larger and very thick! Just what I want in a poof! A very little bit of soap goes a long way with these poofs, when I am feeling cheeky I like to use more soap! Okay, back to these loofah sponges they are amazing! There is not a low of words you can put into describing a bath poof though, and I can draw it out telling you over and over they are super soft (they are) and nice and thick (they are), the only thing I would change is the handle, needs to be a tad bit longer! I like to hang them from the handles in the shower and these barely fit over them.

But seriously look how big this poof is, I am not squeezing my hand around it, its resting around it! So now that you know I have the best loofah sponges known to man I bet your wondering where you can get these bad boys for yourself, say no more, I got you… Purchase Link

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