Meditation and Migraines with a Plea!

Meditation and Migraines

I suffer from some of the worst migraines. We are talking week long migraines that have no relief in sight at times. Lately, though, I have had one chronic migraine that leads me to the hospital. Usually, I am given the migraine cocktail, I sleep, then wake up and feel human again. Sadly, that’s not the case this time.

This is probably one of my longest lasting migraines and I am tired of the chronic pain and nausea. To make matters worse the hospital doctor during this visit wasn’t to versed in migraines. He gave me two shots the first time that was not effective.  When they came back and checked his exact words to me “Well I am going to give you something that will knock you out”. That’s when I was given another shot of Dilaudid and a high dose at that. I spent the next 6 hours with my faced buried in a bucket. Regretful that I ever went to the emergency room, to begin with.

Three days later and I am ready to tear off my head find a dark hole and bury it. I started googling, I found meditation can lessen migraines. What sort of migraines exactly does this work on? Obviously, stress headaches would be at the top of the list.  You can read a study that was done to prove meditation actually does help reduce headaches but let’s face it. Any technique used to reduce stress would help lower stress headaches too. I can honestly say I have tried this Meditation and Migraines hype, and I am not finding relief, due to it not being stress related.

What can you do though when your migraines are not caused by stress? I have tried it all from maintenance meds that are taken daily, essential oils, dietary changes, ice, muscle rubs, trust me if you can find it on google I have tried it.

So what do you do to end a bad migraine that is not caused by stress?  Yes, that’s me in the picture! So please leave a comment and let me know what you do to alleviate a migraine.

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4 Comments on Meditation and Migraines with a Plea!

  1. My mom used to get terrible migraines and now I get them every so often. This may sound stupid but it was the only thing that would work for my mom and for myself. Have a room where you can go to escape all noises. Make sure the room has blackout curtains on windows. Lay down and have a cold washcloth to place over your eyes. I also play a CD that has soft rain or waterfalls in the background. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to work for me. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Honestly, hun, the only thing I have found that gets my migraines gone is cannabis oil in a vape pen, smoking it in a pipe or an edible.

  3. Only medicine that ever knocked out my migraine was fiornal 3 with codeine. Closed up in a dark room cold wash cloth on my eyes ice pack on my head. These stopped after my hysterectomy btw, now I only get them once or twice a year.

  4. I had horrible migraines for a few years, was on daily meds, Imatrex, nausea needs etc. The only thing that finally worked was getting pregnant…. My son is 7 and haven’t had a migraine since I was pregnant with him….good luck , I know the pain.

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