Oval Makeup Brush Set – Review

I have been on the hunt for a while now to purchase oval makeup brush set that won’t bust the bank or require me to auction off a kidney.

I have had the pleasure to review two sets of brushes:

Nestling Professional 10 PCS Soft Oval Makeup Brushes


Docolor 10 PCS Makeup Brush Set

Both looked exactly the same, only docolor has there brushes branded on each handle. I am going to break down the pro’s and con’s of both sets.

Oval Makeup Brush Set
Nestling Oval Makeup Brush Set

Nestling Brand


  • The handles flex, but do not over flex, minus the large one that seems to bend in half, it’s plastic though so eventually it will snap from doing this.
  • Bristles are all one length and did not require trimming
  • Very soft
  • No lose bristle’s when washing
  • Price: 16.99


  • A few brushes have weird bristles, they where smooched in. After washing they did return to normal and it did not affect the quality of use.
Oval Makeup Brush Set
Docolor Makeup Brush Set



  • You have the option to purchase with a brush organizer
  • Bristles are very soft


  • Organizer is cheap and you have to put it together.
  • Bristles where uneven and required trimming
  • The handles are flimsy, some have no give some have way to much give
  • Price: $ 36.99 with organizer $26.99 without (comes with brushing cleaning tool that is not worth the $10 difference)


All in all I did not care for the Docolor brushes at all, but loved the Nestling brushes. It seems quality control on Docolor is lacking big time. However the brushes from Docolor come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you wish to try them you will have an easy return process. Nestling does not offer the 100% money back guarantee but, these are purchased through Amazon so return is fairly simple if you do not like them.

I love these oval makeup brush set, but there are some I won’t be replacing like my normal eyeliner makeup brush it just works so much easier, then these types.

Do you have a brand of Oval Makeup Brush Set that you think are great? Drop us a comment and let us know the brand and where you purchased them from.

Disclaimer:  I recieved both of these sets at a discounted priced for testing and review purposes. My opinions are strictly my own and my honest opinion.

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