Current Beauty Giveaways and Contests

Current Beauty Giveaways and Contests

Beauty Giveaways

Today we are bringing you the huge list of Current Beauty Giveaways and Contests all in one nice organized post. Make sure to enter each giveaway before they are gone! This is the huge list of 50 active constests as of the date of this posting. But, don’t wait to enter now as tomorrow some of these will be gone and winners will be chosen! What are you waiting for, enter today and if you win make sure you come back and leave us a comment and telling us what you won!!

  1. $500 Kylie Cosmetics Shopping Spree
  2. Walking Dead Beauty Box
  3. 24K Termica Engergizing Mask
  4. PUR Cargo Eye Contour Eyeshadow Palette (Warm)
  5. Weleda Giveaway
  6. Sensual Goddess Collection
  7. Avon Foot Collection
  8. G4 Implant Smile Makeover
  9. September Beauty Basket
  10. Mega Beauty Shopping Spree Giveaway
  11. Decleor Essential Oil Skin Care Giveaway
  12. Elle Free Daily Giveaways
  13. Rock a Red Lips Giveaway
  14. Revox-7 Skincare
  15. Fake Bake Double Expresso Giveaway
  16. 3P Volume Curling Set
  17. NARS Dual Intensity Cheek Palette
  18. Vine Vera Cabernet Eye Serum
  19. Beach Body on Demand and Fitness Package
  20. Spalife Bamboo Charcoal Facial Mask
  21. Hada Labo Tokyo Beauty Products
  22. $50 Bath & Body Works GC
  23. Esian Mall Beauty Box
  24. Neutrogene Prize Pack
  25. Devera Naturals Skincare
  26. GHD Platinum Flat Iron
  27. Acne Treatment Set
  28. Dove Advaned Prize Pack
  29. Missy Lynn Color Lock Lipstick
  30. DermOrganic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner
  31. Estee Lauder $350 Monthly Shopping Spree
  32. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Treatment Giveaway
  33. Disney Mini Sephora Giveaway
  34. Molton Brown Aromatic Body Wash
  35. Beautycon Beauty Box
  36. Bridget Jones Baby Giveaway
  37. Instant Radiance Sun Defense
  38. One Hana Anti-Aging Capsule Cream
  39. Better Things Swag Bag
  40. Madison & Mulholland Gift Bag
  41. A Girl Matte Lipstick Entire Collection
  42. Kylie Cosmetic’s Metal Lipsticks
  43. Christian Louboutin’s Loubilaque Lip Lacquer
  44. Sephor’s Brush Wipes
  45. Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick Kit
  46. 2016 MTV VMA Gift Bag
  47. Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlighter
  48. Lightstom LED Light therapy
  49. Lipzu Lip Balms and Pouch
  50. Got2b Hair Products

Stunning Birthstone Earrings For Kids

Stunning Birthstone Earrings for Kids

Since ancient times the wearing of birthstones has been thought to bring good luck and good health. Every month has its own special stone, each with own fabled qualities and benefits.
Now KidsGold -14k for Kids is offering your favorite girl her very own pair of 14k Gold .50ct TW Genuine Birthstone Earrings in a beautiful basket setting at 30% off! All months with their corresponding gemstones are included!
Each pair of 14k Gold Genuine Birthstone Earrings at $48.99 (regular price $69.99) comes Gift Boxed with a Matching Tote + Free Shipping!

Go to:

Keep an eye on our blog for stunning discount codes just in time for Christmas!


Every little girl wants to be just like mommy and what better way of providing to her a gift that is much like mommy’s with these beautiful and stunning birthstone basket earrings.


This is a sponsored post by USFamilyGuide

DemocraTEA Contest Time

DemocraTEA Contest Time


Would you like to win your very own collectable DemocraTea? Enter to win in our DemocraTEA Contest. You could be the winner of a set of 4 tea bags (2 of each candidate) we will be picking 3 winners on Sept. 20th to win this awesome giveaway and did we mention there will be 3 winners!! Not only will you win these awesome and delicious teabags, you will also win an 8×10 poster of the candidate of your choice SIGNED by the artist himself!


If you missed my review of this tea and are unsure what this contest is for please check out DemocraTEA Review today.  We have upped the points on this contest and are now allowing extra bonus points for referring your friends and family.

DemocraTEA Contest

Help Name The Budgies/Parakeets – Contest

Help Name The Budgies/Parakeets – Contest

Help Name the budgies/parakeets! We are in need of names, we have no clue their sexes as they are too young to sex by coloring yet.

Help Name

So here is our appeal… We would like for our readers to help name them. If we choose your name we will be sending you an Amazon gift card via email. This is a simple contest just leave a comment on the blog with your choice of 2 names.

Here is what we are not looking for, common names or names based on their colors. Other than that it’s fairly simple.

To enter just simply leave a comment on this blog post to make sure you leave the correct email because if you win that is where your Amazon gift card code will be sent too.  Winners will be announced once we choose the correct name and we are not sure when we will end this contest, but we will update when we choose a date (roughly a few days), don’t want the birds being nameless for a long time.

Since we are going to be running another contest too, this is a surprise amount Amazon gift card. It’s not going to break the bank, nor permit you to buy that dream item on your wish list, but if you’re a reviewer it will allow you to get 1 or 2 things for free.

A more for fun with a bonus I guess you could say! So leave your comments and help name our new keets.


Disclaimer: This contest is run by Stylinat40 only, this contest is not sponsored by amazon or any likes of   Stylinat40 is solely responsible for the prizes contained in this blog post.  We announce our winners on our facebook page fist. To ensure you are one of the first to know about our winners, check our  fan page on facebook: Stylinat40 fan page


Uarter Waterproof Dog Boots Review

Uarter Waterproof Dog Boots Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Uarter waterproof dog boots and I can tell you it’s been a hilarious experience. First, they turned our very graceful and agile german shorthair pointer into a clumsy stomping Clydesdale horse.

Dog Boots

Check out our sneak peak video, before we upload the longer hilarious video

The dog boots are very well constructed, they have a skid proof bottom, and dual velcro straps that ensure they stay in place and to offer a more custom fit.  Our hunting dogs play hard in the winter, constantly running fields and chasing field birds.

With their activity level, I felt getting a good pair of solid dog boots would help protect their feet from the elements, not to mention being cut by the ice. We have one hunting dog that would keep on going even if his feet are torn up and bleeding, he is very driven to flushing out those birds. As his owner its our job to ensure his safety and well-being.

These boots are made of rubber, they are water resistant, flexible and ski-resistant.  The soles are very sturdy and secure.  With the dual straps, you can adjust how tight the boots are on your dog, to prevent them from biting or shaking them off. They also have a reflective strip on each of the velcro strips to help make your dog more viewable at night.

These are designed with the dog paw in mind and our dogs don’t seem to be bothered by wearing them short of just the adjustment of having something on their feet. They don’t seem to be in any pain, to indicate the boots would be uncomfortable.

Price: $17.85 to  $18.85

Order on Amazon


Disclaimer:  I received this dog boots at a discount price for review and testing purposes. The links container in this blog post for ordering are not affliate links. If choose to order based on the links in this post I do not gain any compensation.

DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas Review

DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas Review


When I was offered to review this DemocraTea I jumped on it, because let’s face it this is probably the weirdest election we have seen in a very long time. This is NOT a political post at all I am going to only showcase these teas without letting my political choices known.

Let’s start with the tea as a whole. They are 100% organic and they are absolutely delicious!

Donald TEARump For President:  #MakeTeaGreatAgain  comes in this delicious pure white tea with peach.  What impressed me is that I typically hate fruit flavored tea because it carries a nasty aftertaste. There is nothing but a true to eating a peach taste. I truly loved the way this tea tastes. Made with white tea and organic flavor.

Hillary ClinTEAn for President: #ImWithTea comes in this delicious vanilla essence flavor, made with black tea, carob, natural flavor and stevia. Again, I am not a fan of vanilla tea and this was another hit. There is no artificial flavors or nasty aftertastes.

While this DemocraTEA is very collectible and funny, the fact is they are truly a flavor punching delicious tea. They are 100% organic and certified by OTCO, they are also Kosher! You could not ask for a better flavor in tea, I was truly impressed.


What came as a surprise, is I made about 6 ounces of each of them to test out side by side. When I was done with my test, I dumped them together and called it a night. This tea together rock! They are good on their own but they are even more amazing together.

If you are looking for quality teas that are sure to bring some chuckles and heaTEAd debates jump on these teas today!

To order DemocraTEA head on over to The Tea Book

On Amazon

At the time of this review, the price is $7.00 for 20 tea bags

Check out their website and cast your vote at

Disclaimer:  I received this product at a discounted price for testing and review. I was not compensated outside of receiving the tea bags for free. My opinions expressed on this blog are 100% mine. If I am not impressed with a product, you will know the truth about it. The links on this blog post are not affiliate links and you choose to buy this product I would not be compensated in any way.

10x Magnification Makeup Mirror Review

10x Magnification Makeup Mirror Review

We got the pleasure of reviewing another magnification makeup mirror by Mirror on a Rope.This time, the mirror is 10X magnification.

Magnification Makeup Mirror

This magnification mirror offers a LED light that circles around the mirror. It’s not overly bright, so it will not blind you while you are trying to do close up work. But, that is  not to say it’s not bright enough either because it is.

Mirror on a Rope made a home run with this mirrors base! It’s swivel ball joint  type base that you can easily move in all directions, left to right, and up and down. There is not an angle you will not be able to achieve with this makeup mirror.

The next bonus is the suction cup attachment. This is not one of those lick and stick types. You simply twist the base and the suction cups locks onto the surface, you untwist the base to get the suction to detach.

The mirror size is about 6 inches, you can see the size in the video as I compare it next to a makeup brush to give you a better idea on size. This is the perfect size for hands-free makeup work. You might wonder why anyone would need a magnification mirror, the truth is, you would be shocked at all the imperfections we leave behind when we are leaning into a mirror to do our makeup or when the lighting is inadequate.

This magnification makeup mirror is a must have for anyone who a makeup junkie like myself. Or even someone who just wants to ensure their makeup is perfect. Your face is a canvas so ensure it looks like a masterpiece!

To Purchase:  Magnification Makeup Mirror

Price:  $21.99


Disclaimer: I received this magnification makeup mirror at a discounted priced for review and testing purposes. The links to the product are not affiliate links, therefore I do not make any money off you purchasing this mirror.  My opinions are expressly my own and they are reflected honestly based on my experience.

Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil by New York Biology

Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil by New York Biology

Well here it is, another high-quality essential oil by New York Biology, Kashmir Lavender essential oil is truly a hit.

Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil
Many people don’t realize it but there are a couple varieties of lavender essential oil. So when purchasing they either don’t pay attention if they are unfamiliar with essential oils, or they don’t read. Not sure which one, but, Kashmir is a lighter lavender  fragrance with a slightly sweet undertone.

Kashmir lavender oil is a popular essential oil for those that want a slightly toned down lavender. Now onto this lavender essential oil.

It has passed all the test, fragrance, sight and blotter. I absolutely love this company and their essential oils. I know its hard for some people to accept a review when they know they have gotten something discounted or free to review, but, the truth is we use a lot of essential oils and there are some that are just crap quality. Because I use essential oils in my cleaners, beauty products, and medicinal products, quality means everything to me and this is a high-quality top notch essential oil.

If you’re curious about other Essential Oils I have review from New York Biology check out these links:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

If you’re interested in purchasing:  New York Biology Lavender Essential Oil

Price:  $10.50  for a 1 Ounce bottle with dropper top


I will state due to being a compliant FTC blog, that I received this lavender essential oil from New York Biology at a discounted price for review and testing purposes. My opinions are expressly my own though and I do not put affiliate links on items I review, to show you that my opinions are honest and that I do not receive any financial gain from them. However, there are ads around my blog to help pay for the blog and these are not compensation adds for the product in review.

Meet a New Blogger: Sassy Cat Reviews

Meet a New Blogger:  Sassy Cat Reviews


Today we are showcasing a new blog called Sassy Cat Reviews, help out a fellow blogger get her site off to a great start! Remember a lot of us were new at blogging once.

Sassy Cat Reviews

I know “Sassy Cat” fairly well, she has decided to enter the world of blogging. You might wonder what you can expect from someone who calls themselves “Sassy Cat”, well, let me tell you a thing or two about her.

She is Sassy, and she is a cat lover. She’s also witty and kind. She is a product reviewer who also share’s her wit about life and kids.  You can expect her Sassy Cat Reviews blog posts to be entertaining and enlightening.  As a product reviewer myself, I know she will share her honest opinions about products.

So where do you find this amazingly talented witty person you are asking yourself? Don’t worry I will include all her social media links below! I know you are excited to jump at the chance to follow a crazy cat woman!

You might be asking, does this mean if I follow her I will have to look at cat pictures constantly? Nope, I already warned her about over sharing her cats! She also is not so crazy that she hordes them, she has just a few beloved cats who are spoiled rotten, she is probably the go-to woman if you want to know about cat products, though! Also solar lights, she has an addiction to solar lights.

But enough about that. Let’s lend her a hand and follow her today!

Sassy Cat Reviews:





Tea Tree Essential Oil by New York Biology #NewYorkBiology

Tea Tree Essential Oil by New York Biology

Tea Tree Essential Oil

I have to admit I am very impressed with this company tea tree essential oils. I first tried their peppermint essential oil and I was truly amazed by the quality. I have used a lot of essential oils over the decades and I have a very large collection. I am always on the search for fair priced one that offers all the benefits and purity of the higher cost essential oils.

I have gone through all the testing on this from fragrance, textures, looks and blotter test. All passed with flying colors. I honestly feel this is one the higher quality companies I have ever gotten essential oils from.

They each come supplied in an amber colored bottle to protect it from sunlight, along with coming with a regular screw cap and a dropped cap. The dropper helps save on the product and not create waste as you can simply drop how many drops you need per application.

Tea Tree is a well known essential oil and is commonly used in our flea treatment preventative since we refuse to use chemicals on our dogs. We also want to ensure the quality of our essential oils are also good enough to be used on them and that they are not cut with unknown carrier oils or other ingredients we are unsure of.

New York Biology states their tea tree essential oil origin is Austraila, which is the common origin of tea tree essential oil.

To Purchase: Tea Tree Essential Oil by New York Biology 

Price: $12.50   for a 1 ounce bottle including dropped top.

I will state due to being a compliant FTC blog, that I received this tea tree essential oil from New York Biology at a discounted price for review and testing purposes. My opinions are expressly my own though and I do not put affiliate links on items I review, to show you that my opinions are honest and that I do not receive any financial gain from them. However, there are ads around my blog to help pay for the blog and these are not compensation adds for the product in review.