Peppermint Essential Oil by New York Biology

Peppermint Essential Oil by New York Biology

I recently got the pleasure of reviewing Peppermint essential oil by New York Biology. First let me say, I am a HUGE essential oil addict. I have tons, and I mean tons of essential oils. I use them in everything, in making our on bath and body products, cleaners for the house and in my essential oil diffusers.

Peppermint Essential Oil

With that said I have tried many and I mean many different brands of peppermint essential oils and the moment I cracked open New York Biology’s peppermint essential oil I was blown away. This will be our go to peppermint essential oil for our diffusers coming this fall during the worst allergy season in our house, due to everything dying off.

The first thing to hit you is the amazing peppermint fragrance, I really thought by the pureness of this fragrance it would fail the blotter test, but it passed. 100% with flying colors, nothing as left behind on the blotter paper 24 hours later.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I don’t honestly think I have been this impressed with a peppermint essential oil in a long time. I am considering looking into what other essential oils come from this company.

It’s common knowledge to readers on my page I review a lot of items, and if I don’t like them I am honest about it.  It also takes a lot to impress me, and this peppermint essential oil is truly a top notch quality essential oil.


If you’re interested in purchasing for yourself:  New York Biology 

Price:  $14.50 1 ounce bottle


Disclaimer:  I received this product at a discounted price for testing and review purposes. All opinions expressed are strictly my own opinions and expressions. I was not compensated in the form of payment, other than a discount on the item. There are no affiliates links contained in this post.

Budget Outfit Fall Outfit Under $50

Budget Outfit Fall Under $50

Enjoy today’s fall budget outfit with this complete outfit under $50 for the next few days we will showcase some outfits.

Budget Outfit

Finding cute a cute fall budget outfit seems to always be a hard task. Over the next few days, we will be bringing readers mix and match outfits that can be purchased for $50 and under.  The idea behind this series to help the budget shopper find fashions for fall without breaking the bank.

In this outfit, we take traditional black and white and add color pops here and there. You can pair this outfit with a black purse that is already in your collection.

Today’s poppy color pop budget outfit is the perfect casual everyday sort of outfit. A perfect go-to outfit for comfort when having to run all day. Grab some coffee, do some errands, or hit the grocery store.

  • Jeans by HM $9.99
  • Top by Romwe $8.99
  • Shoes by Sociology $13.99
  • Bracelets by Buckle $8.48
  • Earrings by JcPeney $8.40
  • Total: $49.85

To see more on this outfit and links for purchase visit: Outfits Under $50

When you add key elements to a wardrobe finding things that mix and match increase outfits tenfold. Taking one outfit and turning it into 2 or 3 more.

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Fall Outfit Soft and Romantic #FallFashion #Fashion

Soft and Romantic Fall Outfit


Soft and Romantic Fall Outfit

Check out today’s new Fall Outfit fashioned by Stylinat40! This beautiful and romantic outfit is whimsical and versatile and can be worn casual or dressy.

Nothing is complete without at least one romantic fall outfit added to your wardrobe, whether you are taking a stroll with your significant other, drinking coffee at the local coffee shop, or just running around doing errands. The moment you slip into an outfit like this, you automatically get an overwhelming change in your psyche.

This was a custom romantic fall outfit I put together myself. Granted the necklace is rather expensive, but I am sure you can find a very similar one that carries a more modest price.

This combined outfit (without necklace) would set you back $247, but in all honesty, the outfit could be mix and matched with other items in your wardrobe to create new outfits.  So your wardrobe budget will actually stretch further.  Or you can forgo the bracelet too ad cut the price down to $224

Price Breakdown:

  • Dress by BackCountry $100.00
  • Sweater Jacked by Wearall $14.00
  • Platform Sandals by 6PM $45.00
  • Handbag by Mango $65.00
  • Bracelet by Accessorize $23
  • Necklace by The Real Real $375 (a girl has to have dreams)

To find out more about this custom romantic fall outfit please visit Soft and Romantic Fall Collection

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Note: Jewelry used in this guide is only a suggestion, Customers can easily choose alternatives.

Meditation and Migraines with a Plea!

Meditation and Migraines with a Plea!

Meditation and Migraines

I suffer from some of the worst migraines. We are talking week long migraines that have no relief in sight at times. Lately, though, I have had one chronic migraine that leads me to the hospital. Usually, I am given the migraine cocktail, I sleep, then wake up and feel human again. Sadly, that’s not the case this time.

This is probably one of my longest lasting migraines and I am tired of the chronic pain and nausea. To make matters worse the hospital doctor during this visit wasn’t to versed in migraines. He gave me two shots the first time that was not effective.  When they came back and checked his exact words to me “Well I am going to give you something that will knock you out”. That’s when I was given another shot of Dilaudid and a high dose at that. I spent the next 6 hours with my faced buried in a bucket. Regretful that I ever went to the emergency room, to begin with.

Three days later and I am ready to tear off my head find a dark hole and bury it. I started googling, I found meditation can lessen migraines. What sort of migraines exactly does this work on? Obviously, stress headaches would be at the top of the list.  You can read a study that was done to prove meditation actually does help reduce headaches but let’s face it. Any technique used to reduce stress would help lower stress headaches too. I can honestly say I have tried this Meditation and Migraines hype, and I am not finding relief, due to it not being stress related.

What can you do though when your migraines are not caused by stress? I have tried it all from maintenance meds that are taken daily, essential oils, dietary changes, ice, muscle rubs, trust me if you can find it on google I have tried it.

So what do you do to end a bad migraine that is not caused by stress?  Yes, that’s me in the picture! So please leave a comment and let me know what you do to alleviate a migraine.

Oval Makeup Brush Set – Review

Oval Makeup Brush Set – Review

I have been on the hunt for a while now to purchase oval makeup brush set that won’t bust the bank or require me to auction off a kidney.

I have had the pleasure to review two sets of brushes:

Nestling Professional 10 PCS Soft Oval Makeup Brushes


Docolor 10 PCS Makeup Brush Set

Both looked exactly the same, only docolor has there brushes branded on each handle. I am going to break down the pro’s and con’s of both sets.

Oval Makeup Brush Set
Nestling Oval Makeup Brush Set

Nestling Brand


  • The handles flex, but do not over flex, minus the large one that seems to bend in half, it’s plastic though so eventually it will snap from doing this.
  • Bristles are all one length and did not require trimming
  • Very soft
  • No lose bristle’s when washing
  • Price: 16.99


  • A few brushes have weird bristles, they where smooched in. After washing they did return to normal and it did not affect the quality of use.
Oval Makeup Brush Set
Docolor Makeup Brush Set



  • You have the option to purchase with a brush organizer
  • Bristles are very soft


  • Organizer is cheap and you have to put it together.
  • Bristles where uneven and required trimming
  • The handles are flimsy, some have no give some have way to much give
  • Price: $ 36.99 with organizer $26.99 without (comes with brushing cleaning tool that is not worth the $10 difference)


All in all I did not care for the Docolor brushes at all, but loved the Nestling brushes. It seems quality control on Docolor is lacking big time. However the brushes from Docolor come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you wish to try them you will have an easy return process. Nestling does not offer the 100% money back guarantee but, these are purchased through Amazon so return is fairly simple if you do not like them.

I love these oval makeup brush set, but there are some I won’t be replacing like my normal eyeliner makeup brush it just works so much easier, then these types.

Do you have a brand of Oval Makeup Brush Set that you think are great? Drop us a comment and let us know the brand and where you purchased them from.

Disclaimer:  I recieved both of these sets at a discounted priced for testing and review purposes. My opinions are strictly my own and my honest opinion.

Acne after 18 – Adult Acne

Acne after 18 – Adult Acne

Adult Acne

Why is this possible? Is it life’s little way of reminding us that we can still go through a gangly stage way past pubescent years? This curse of adult acne!

So what exactly is adult acne and why is it legal, when we can also be starting the aging process of wrinkles!

Hormones, believe it or not, can be a major reason behind adult acne. Our menstrual periods can cause so much havoc on our bodies, but maybe we can blame men here! Sounds like a plan right? Androgens, which are male hormones such as testosterone, can cause some very painful acne known as cystic acne.

Pore clogging pollutions every head outside and come in and wipe your face down and it’s grimy and dirty. Just simply wipe off your face when returning from outside to keep your pure clean from the outdoor pollutions.

Stress, Stress, Stress is a major factor that can cause your adrenal gland to kick into hyperdrive which causes cortisol to be released and guess what follows testosterone. So again, what about blaming men?

You have heard about testosterone twice now so you might be wondering why it causes us to break out, well it’s fairly simple, this little male hormone causes our oil glands to pretty much produce more oil.

Also, common issues can be as easy as washing your skin too much or too vigorously. Or you could simply be using the wrong products on your face. Make sure you’re using items that don’t clog your pores. Look for labels that state non-comedogenic, water based and oil free.

And lastly, watch what you eat. Sugars can raise insulin which causes those male hormones to kick in again.  And of course the normal’s fried foods, caffeine, chocolate and believe it foods that are high iodine such as shell foods.

Adult Acne Fixes

If you are unsure what causes your adult acne issues slowly start cutting things out of your diet or change the products you use.  Only make one change at a time so you can narrow down your acne causing problem.


Photo Credit: OpenI

Hotel Experience of a Lifetime

Hotel Experience of a Lifetime

Have you ever just knew you needed to get a way but needed to do it on a budget because well you like having a roof over your head, food in your stomach and the lights on. Not to mention you have to keep yourself in high end makeup?

Hotel Experience

Well it all started with the need to get away and take the 12 year old on an overnight fun getaway, so what better thing to do but to get some tickets to Cedar Point, and if you know anything about that its expensive there. There really is no such thing as a small budget there, unless you enjoy eating sandwiches out of the back of your SUV. Yes, I have no shame, this is what we did to offset one of the cost of the meals there. I mean ONE hot dog and a handful of fries is 14.50 after all. We had already purchased the drink all day cups at 10.99 each.

The Hotel Experience

So we decided to get a hotel room using we read the reviews, and they seemed to be really good. We knew it was a cheaper motel, but we figured oh well, we will be there 8 hours as long as it’s clean and decent we don’t need all the modern amenities, we are not looking to swim there.

These are the pictures you do not see on the website.. I have included a video, I will add pictures since the video makes it look a lot nicer then what it is.



Bedding was clean


Key never worked, and manager disappeared so we couldn’t get into the room. We checked in and went to eat, came back to a mess. Had to call to call the managers “cell phone” to address the problem., The manger had the nerve to say the key worked (he used his master key) when my husband said now try this one and it didn’t work he moved us to a new room.

Hotel Experience

During the 30 minute wait for to deal with our key incident we are pretty sure we watched a drug deal go down, watch a hooker bring in a client and we know for fact we watched a sketchy dude roll a joint.
While waiting be also observed a shady looking mommy and her naked besides a diaper kids running all over the parking lot at 11pm at night.

Once we got safely in, we set the alarm for the ass crack of dawn and got the hell out of there. Unfortunately we couldn’t find another room in the area due to everything being booked. So this has been the lovely extent of my overnight getaway! It was more of an overnight ghettoway!

So this was our Hotel Experience of a Lifetime, do you have one to share?

Ultra Lash New York Biology #LashesForDays

New York Biology Ultra Lash #LashesForDays

If you’re anything like me you might have these puny little eyelashes that are pitiful looking an no matter what you do they still look yucky. For example, mascara for it to have any effect it needs to be thick and then I look like Tammy Fay Baker got into a fight with a mascara wand. I have tried fiber lashes and I do love them, but I would like not to have to put them on every day and still look fabulous. That’s where Ultra Lash is going to help you.

So onto, New York Biology Ultra Lash, this is a thickening an growth like serum. I can say after a week my eyelashes darkened, and I am seeing some new growth, I decided to try half my eyelid to see if there would be actually results. I am including the picture so you can see the difference on the bottom alone, yeah the directions may not say to put them on the bottom and I did that at my own risk, but hey look at those results.

Ultra Lash

I am impressed, you should be too! Anyways, the little container of Ultra Lash runs about $21 and you can purchase your own at Ultra Lash on Amazon.

Now, you learned what I liked, now what I dont like is it makes your eyelids sticky at first then drys and feels like its cracking. My way around this is to put it on before bed and call it a day. Sometimes my eyes will be a little crusty in the morning but the truth is, its worth it if it keeps on working.

I received this product for free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Awesome Sleep Bra #Mamaway

Mamaway Infrared Sleeping Bra


Okay, I am not nursing, but I needed a great sleep bra that would not bother me when sleeping. This design is perfect, and also a very common design in regular bras and not just nursing bras.

I wanted a non-wired sleep bra that would be comfortable and not feel as if I was wearing a bra to bed. When you have bigger boobs the last thing you want to do is deal with no support even when you’re sleeping/

Now, the bonus is the “Far Infrared” nano fibers, they help boost blood circulation and this is not just a positive for nursing moms but also us non nursing moms because the truth is increased blood flow does help your breasts grow, so if you want bigger boobs this might be a bonus for you.

Increased blood flows can even keep your boobs healthier and prevent sagging, so win win situation in my book.

I was really impressed with this sleep bra is the wider bands on the arm as this band aids in comfort at night and the band doesn’t even feel as if it’s there. This is a HUGE bonus when you’re supporting 36DDs in the middle of the night.

I did receive this bra for free for testing and review purposes. My opinion is strictly my own and I would suggest this bra to woman like me, who want added support during the night, but also want to ensure they are comfortable.

Order Your Own:

Price: 34.99 with free prime shipping

Review: Ulta Matte Lip Cream

Review: Ulta Matte Lip Cream

I love matte lipsticks, but sometimes they can make your lips feel so dry. I have mixed emotions on Ulta’s Matte Lip Cream, on one hand it’s not dry, on the other hand its dryer then a regular cream lipstick. So here you go, my review of Ulta Matte Lip Cream! Enjoy!

Review: Ulta Matte Lip Cream

I mean, your lips feel dry your reaching for some chapstick and all of a sudden matte lipsticks come out and we are all Whoa, Awesome, check out these matte lipsticks, wait, wtf, they are dry as the Mojave desert. If it’s a good matte that stains the lips where you can put some sort moistening agent on your lips. What’s sad is rarely do I suffer from dry lips, so some mattes are just maddening the way they make your lips feel.

This is a compromise; it dries, but yet doesn’t make your lips feel like the Mojave desert, more like a desert next to an oasis, there is a slight moistness to it.

Review: Ulta Matte Lip Cream

Now, that we are past all that, I absolutely love this color, its muted and dark.. which I love. I have an olive complexion so I have to watch a lot of the colors I wear.  The color of this is Allusive, it’s a plum like color, but deeper.

Review: Ulta Matte Lip Cream

I’d rate this a 4.3 out of 5.

Taking of that .07 due to it just not being cream, and a bit dryer then I would come to expect from a lip cream.

To purchase go to Ulta Lip Cream and as of today they are having a buy 2 get 2 free sale and the price of these is only $9.00, that’s pretty much close to drug store costs, but with the b2g2, your spending $4.50 each. So you’re able to try out 4 different colors for next to nothing.

And no disclaimers are needed on this post, because there are no affiliate links to Ulta and I bought this myself..