Raising Faith

So I am one of those grandmothers with custody of their grandchildren. Save your judgemental comments, no one cares here! This little girl lights up every aspect of my life, so I raise her right along with her just became a teenage aunt (No she is not the mother), the parent’s are very much adult age.

Life is not easy when you are raising your own children, but when you throw a grandchild (Raising Faith) into the mix it gets even harder, but truth is we handle it well.

This little girl is full of life and wonderment. We currently enrolled her into dance, she is clueless, but she gets up on stage and taps those little tap shoes doesn’t matter if she is doing what the other kids are doing that’s my grandbaby out there having fun.

It never fails, there is always one kid in the bunch dancing to their own beat, yep, this year I am the one owning that little off dance, the one I hear the mumbles from the “parents” saying look how cute she is, she has no clue what she is doing. Granted she is one of the youngest at 3, but in her own time, she will be dancing away and actually doing the routine the way it meant to be.

But for the time being, she is stealing the show, because all eyes are on the child who is twirling in the background and not doing what the other children are. That’s my grandbaby stealing the show.

Tonight is the big show, and it means a lot to us to know that we will present her with her first little bouquet of flowers, Hopefully, she doesn’t try and eat the flowers. Maybe I better start googling safe to eat flowers.

Screw it, maybe I should just get her one of those edible arrangements. “Here sweetie, congrats, now eat your pineapple rose”

You never know what to expect life to hand you, but right now as chaotic as life is, I know we wouldn’t change it..Raising Faith

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