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Many of my followers do reviews we miss our free products or highly discounted products, but as we all already know Amazon has made some changes and all but killed product reviews. Unless you have a big following on your social media and an established blog its harder and harder to get those great deals we all become so use to.
But let’s face it, shady reviewers are what killed Amazon reviews and our free products. There are tons of whispers, finger pointing etc. But the truth is, Reviewers did this to themselves.  But there is still hope, there is still websites that will permit you to still get some highly discounted and even free items. But, pay attention because some sellers really jacked up those “highly discounted prices” I saw a watermelon slicer for $17. Seriously? Those can be found in many dollar stores for $1.


So here is a brief listing of sites that still have products up for reviewing purposes, they do not request you review on Amazon, however, some sellers are shady and will ask you to, knowing they are jeopardizing their sellers account.



Pro’s:  If you want it, it’s yours to claim. There is no waiting for a seller to approve you.  Once you claim a product you are given the code right there to buy it at the stated price.

Con’s:  There is just not a lot on this site, seems to be a lot of the same stuff and prices tend to be a bit higher.



Pro’s:  tons of items to choose from.

Con’s: You have to wait for a seller to choose you, a lot of times the codes are bad and when you contact the seller they never respond. So you can waste a lot of time on this site. Not to mention their customer service lacks greatly.


Product Elf

Pro’s: They have items some sites don’t have. SOME codes are instantly revealed.

Con’s: While some codes will show up instantly, others are a wait and see like many sites.



Pro’s: A lot of products at decent prices

Con’s:  Have to wait for the seller to send codes if you are selected.



Pro’s:  Lot’s of products to choose from.

Con’s: I am not really sure what’s going on with this site lately, you might have better luck then I do. I use to get a lot of approvals on this site, but lately, it seems there has been none. But, each person is different so don’t discredit it fully.


Do you know of other sites? I know there are a lot out there. Drop us a comment and leave other sites you know, including facebook groups, which we will be making another blog post on soon!

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