Stress and Dark Eye Circles

Dark Eye Circles

I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, and with that stress comes dark eye circles. Typically I would cake on makeup and call it a day if I had to leave the house, but caking on the makeup is a quick fix but you can tell it’s just that, makeup!

I needed a way to actually get rid of the dark eye circles because the stress will not be leaving anytime soon, nor will the lack of sleep due to the stress.  So when given the chance to review Swiss Vita eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles I jumped at the chance.

After 10 days of use, what I noticed was them fading and you can see in my video that I didn’t do the corners of my eyes so you can visibly see where the product has been applied to where it hasn’t been applied.

I had a lot of luck with this product removing the dark circles. I can’t comment on the wrinkles, because even at 40 I am fortunate not to have any (yet).  But as good as this product is on the dark eye circles I am sure this will be the first product I reach for.

Getting older is nothing to be ashamed about, our bodies change that’s a given. But growing older can be done gracefully and classy. I prefer to retain as much youth as possible during this time and that includes ensuring I look the best I can, for myself.

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Price (At time of review): $29.99


Disclaimer: This product was provided at a discounted price for review and testing purposes. The ordering link is not an affiliate link, which means I won’t make any money if you choose to buy this item. All my reviews are provided based on my experience with the product.

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