Uarter Waterproof Dog Boots Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Uarter waterproof dog boots and I can tell you it’s been a hilarious experience. First, they turned our very graceful and agile german shorthair pointer into a clumsy stomping Clydesdale horse.

Dog Boots

Check out our sneak peak video, before we upload the longer hilarious video

The dog boots are very well constructed, they have a skid proof bottom, and dual velcro straps that ensure they stay in place and to offer a more custom fit.  Our hunting dogs play hard in the winter, constantly running fields and chasing field birds.

With their activity level, I felt getting a good pair of solid dog boots would help protect their feet from the elements, not to mention being cut by the ice. We have one hunting dog that would keep on going even if his feet are torn up and bleeding, he is very driven to flushing out those birds. As his owner its our job to ensure his safety and well-being.

These boots are made of rubber, they are water resistant, flexible and ski-resistant.  The soles are very sturdy and secure.  With the dual straps, you can adjust how tight the boots are on your dog, to prevent them from biting or shaking them off. They also have a reflective strip on each of the velcro strips to help make your dog more viewable at night.

These are designed with the dog paw in mind and our dogs don’t seem to be bothered by wearing them short of just the adjustment of having something on their feet. They don’t seem to be in any pain, to indicate the boots would be uncomfortable.

Price: $17.85 to  $18.85

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Disclaimer:  I received this dog boots at a discount price for review and testing purposes. The links container in this blog post for ordering are not affliate links. If choose to order based on the links in this post I do not gain any compensation.

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