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There are a few out there that are obnoxious, crazy, and way our there and you either love them or hate them? We asked not to long ago with some of our email supporters who they loved to hate and who they hate to love and we have compiled a list of Beauty Bloggers from this list. So you tell us who out of these are your favorites! Thes are expressly opinions from readers and those opinions are not affiliated with Stylin at 40. Please note the videos I am using are just randomly chosen with no rhyme or reason.

Coffee Break With Dani, once loved and now deemed a “Mean Girl” I have never followed this Vlog. Check her out and let us know your thoughts!


Grav3yardgirl Love her or hate her, I actually hate to love her, I subscribe to her, I watch her religiously I follow her more for the reviews of makeup and the fact she takes suggestions from her readers. Shes out there and she is obnoxious, but, she is true to herself.


Jeffree Star –  What can you say about a transgender who has better ability to apply makeup then 80% of women. The only thing, you will not see many woman walking into work with full glam makeup. While his looks are beautiful, his tutorial are amazing. Its not a style for everyone, but one thing seemed to be the same, He is well loved.. btw, am I being politically correct here, should I be calling Jeffree a she, if I am suppose to be forgive me, its not my intent to insult.

TheSocialiteLife –  Ugh, where to start, comments have been pretty much the same, Loud, Obnoxious, Profanity, and all over have not been good. I watched one video of hers, could not make it fully through it, so I decided to post that video here. This is not a video you really want to open around children. A beauty blog, and you cant play it around kids.


So there you have it, these are the top 4 Vloggers that where mentioned, here and there others where mentioned but not on the scale of these 4. So what is your opinion, do you love to hate them, or hate to love them?  Or do you have your own Vlogger you secretly love or hate. Drop us a comment and let us know who you love or hate.

Do any of our readers have a Vlog? Would love to see them! Who knows, maybe some day you will be featured. My vlog is just starting out, and I will gladly say I am a better writer then a vlogger, I suck at it, but I love doing reviews and I am probably listed on a ton of hate her vlog lists, with my two lonely barely ever seen vlogs! In fact, someone thumbed down me on one of my videos, which gave me a laugh because it knew it came from the contest we hosted here.  It’s like saying, hey I want to win something from you but I really hate your videos! At least they are honest, I guess! I am just your plain jane average person, you will get true, and honest reviews in a home settings in a very none glam way, because that is just who I am!


So share with us, who is your favorite on youtube and who is your hated!


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