What if I told you, you could get a free higher end makeup product for free?  Free makeup you say, Sign me up! Well, here you go follow these directions!!

Go to your app store and download the app PoshMark

Choose sign up with email.. People who have been signing up with facebook are not getting the credit

Once you click sign up with email, this screen below will come up, this is the part you need to pay attention too.

Free Makeup
Free Makeup

In the invite code area you want to put the code:  JMYKN   this is the code that is going to give you a $10 dollar credit.

Once you have signed up, your credit will be there.. You can view it by clicking your used name in the lower right hand corner and clicking on My Balance, NOW, since you signed up, you get a welcome shipping of only .99 but this only lasts till 11:59pm, so if you sign up at 11pm, you have 59 minutes to complete your order. You want to find something $9 and under because your shipping will take up some of your $10 credit..

So hurry because we don’t know how long the .99 credit or the $10 sign up will last!! Score your free makeup today! They also have shoes, clothing, accessories if you want something like that also.

Don’t wait on this one, you don’t want to miss out. Try that product you been wanting for a while for free, or highly reduce if you happen to want something that is over $9.

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